Struggling with Phone Addiction? Try This

Ever since Uganda was placed on total lock-down because of Covid-19, I have found myself glued to my laptop and phone from 8:00 am to about 7:00 pm daily loaded with work and trying to keep up to date with what is happening around the world; I am only reminded to rest when I get either a headache or painful red eyes and the sting of hunger.

Someone once said that when you do something consistently for more than 21 days, it forms a habit. For example if you chose to read a book every day for 21 days, your system adapts and it becomes part of you. In the same way, being glued to the gadgets such as phones, laptops, TVs, gaming pads, whatever it is that you have gotten a hold of to pass time during this lock down becomes part and parcel of your daily routine and if not managed well, may become an addiction.

Addiction according to Merriam Webster is defined as a compulsive chronic, physiological or psychological need for a habit. However, the medics define addiction as a psychological and physical inability to stop consuming a chemical drug, activity or substance, even though it is causing psychological and physical harm.

The question is, when does technology become an addiction given this new reality that it has become very necessary in our daily lives? With everyone turning to the Internet and social media to blog, shop, sell, play games, social network, read emails in a bid to kill boredom or manage their time effectively. Just how much of this is healthy and how do we regulate this?

Human Head With Social Media In Brain Illustration Stock ...
Face book, twitter, Instagram, telegram,zoom..

How do you know that you have become addicted to technology?

Well, these addictions have been categorized as Physical, Social, emotional and impulse impairments. When you constantly think about the past use or the future use of the internet, you are restless, moody, depressed, irritable when attempting to control the internet and when you have made unsuccessful efforts to control/cut back/stop use of the Internet, you risk losing online relationships, telling lies become the new normal for you, the inability to prioritize or keep schedules, isolation, frequent mood swings; these accompanied with backaches, sleeplessness, neck pains, dry eyes, poor vision and weight loss or gain, are some of the signs and symptoms that you are becoming addicted or have become addicted to technology.

This however, can be managed if first and foremost, you identified the symptoms above and acknowledge that the problem exists. This is usually the first step in the healing process, then seeking for help is the next best thing you can do.

Experts recommend recreational therapy, art therapy, individual or group therapy depending on the addiction. Imagine, taking long walks and appreciating the beauty of nature is therapy and it also helps keep you physically fit; occupying yourself with art and crafts for those of you who like to keep your hands busy or sharing with a counsellor or a confidant, all help with the healing process.

My two cents; using timelines or schedules to regulate the time spent on the internet, sieving what you should be doing online verses lingering around without focus, choosing particular websites you need and dropping all the others, learning new skills in the house, cooking, baking, farming and exercising. Redirecting your energy to these activities greatly helps control the risk of getting addicted to technology and the beauty is that these are things within our reach that we can incorporate in our daily schedules and they become part of healthy living.

Let’s not become victims of this kind of addiction that is slowly cropping up during this season. Stay Safe.


About seven months ago I and my husband decided we needed to shift from Entebbe to Kampala for many reasons including reducing the cost of transport and being closer to our work places .So we started house hunting .The target was to get a stand-alone house around Bukoto.My husband contacted a broker who had advertised houses for rent around Bukoto on JiJi (former OLX). They agreed to meet within the week at lunch time so that they could show us the available options. Wednesday Morning the following week, my husband told me we would be going to look at houses at lunch time. We went and met the broker in Bukoto near Oryx petrol station and proceeded to one of the houses on the list. On the way the broker mentioned to us that we were going to meet the estate’s manager of this particular house in person and that in case we liked it we would have discussions with him and probably conclude.This we were ok with.

 Now when we saw the house, we liked it and we felt we didn’t have to see any other options. The house was big enough, spacious, fenced and very close to our work places. So we decided we would take it.

So we asked the Estate’s manager how much the rent was and what the payment terms were so that we could organize ourselves. In his response he told us rent per month was Ug 1,500,000 and we need to pay for two months with a security deposit but this was negotiable.

He also added that there were other two people who had seen the house earlier in the day and that to conclude on the rent we needed to talk to the actual owner who was his father. He gave us the father’s number just so that we could talk to him and negotiate if we were really serious about taking up the house.

So my husband called the landlord and they spoke at length and he agreed that we could take up the house at a negotiated fee of Ug 700,000 per month payable 6months in advance (One month was a security deposit) and we needed to pay before the so called competition came back.

At this point, the landlord advised us how the money was to be paid. We had opted to make a bank transfer to the landlord’s bank account but he declined that option, he said he needed the money to do some of the renovations in the house to make it more habitable.Remember this is all happening during our lunch break and we were out of time, however, we needed to conclude this. We agreed that I return to office and my husband went ahead to meet the landlord in person at his home in Muyenga and conclude the transaction.

My husband went with the broker who claimed to know the landlord’s place. The estate’s manager had other errands to run so he left and said he would join them later if he was done with his errands.

When my husband reached Muyenga, he called the landlord to tell him he had reached Muyenga and needed specific directions to the landlord’s home. The landlord, in his response said he was in a hurry; he had a scheduled surgery and he couldn’t keep the patient waiting so he had left home for the hospital. He then advises my husband to wait for his son (the estate’s manager) who was already on his way home and that they could conclude the transaction.My husband agreed to this and in a few minutes the estate’s manager arrived with the contract for signing and a receipt book for receipting the money he was to receive.

The contract was signed, receipt received and deal done, what was left was for the small renovations to be done and the house was ready. We asked that we would enter in Jan 2020 instead of Dec 2019. The idea was that so that they had the one month to do the renovations properly.

As soon as the transaction was done my husband went back to office and in the evening when we met I asked how things went. He narrated the story as it unfolded but out of curiosity I asked whether he had met the actual landlord;the father of the estate’s manager at his home!

He said No! Instead he met the Estate’s manager again but at a supermarket and that is where the contract was signed and money receipted. I immediately sensed that we had been robbed.

I started reflecting at the whole journey to that point and, I became more and more suspicious, we had not met the actual landlord, we had paid money out in cash at a parking lot of a supermarket. We were so uneasy that evening so the following day my husband decided to go back to the house to see whether he would find the estate’s manager and also to get more information from the neighbors.

When he got there; there was a boy who was cleaning the compound. My husband noticed this was the very boy we had seen the first time we visited the place, so he began chatting with this boy finding out more about the house, who the owner was, whether he knew the people we had come with previously. It turns out that the boy was the actual caretaker of the property, placed there by the actual owner and the men who were showing us around were simply brokers and none of them was related to the actual owner of the place. When asked who the actual owner was, the names given were totally different from the names that appeared on the contract . That is when we knew we had been robbed broad day light.

Unfortunately, even when we involved police, there was nothing much they could do, these thieves were smart. They made sure we never met them physically thereafter. They kept the phones on but they never picked them up the few times they picked up they didn’t talk much.

When you look at the contract we signed, it is a legit contract, it made me think that either these thieves were working with lawyers or they got a legit contract from somewhere and made copies and changed a few details; the receipt too was legit.

There are a couple of lessons I learnt from that whole experience that I would like to share with you.

  • First and fore most Never be put under pressure to close deals immediately, unless you have done your checks and the business is legit and it warrants swift action.
  • Before you make payments to any one of huge amounts, better to do a bank transfer so that the money is easily traced and also to know the actual names of the person you are dealing with they they check out with what is displayed on the contract and National ID.
  • Do a back ground check with the neighbors around, ask the neighbors if they know the people you are dealing with or if they know the owner of the property you are interested in.
  • Consult with the Local Council on the ownership of that property you are interested in.
  • Have copies of the national IDs of the People you are dealing with attached to the contract you are signing.

Don’t be caught unaware, these thieves are becoming smarter by the day, STAY SAFE!


Recently at Harvest Institute we were given an assignment to Earn, save and give daily.

This exercise was not going to be easy especially for the salary earners who depend on what they get at the end of every month. This exercise was meant to stretch us in to being creative and getting alternative sources of passive income on a daily basis. So salary was not considered as part of the earning exercise. People tried to explain that as much as salary paid at the end of the month, most employers make the computations based on a daily rate much as it is given at the end of the month, an employee works for it daily.

I was puzzled, and kept wondering how I was going to pull this off. I had my art and crafts that I earned from every once in a while but that was not money I was earning daily. I must admit I was stranded; I went back to the course prospectus just to confirm whether the assessor that read out the assignment got it right. Now in the course prospectus, the assignment was Earn Weekly, give and save daily.

I still went ahead to ask my assessor what the actual assignment was, and she emphasized Earn, save and give daily. Still puzzled I thanked her and walked off.

I knew there was no way out of this one, I needed to do something to earn daily.

So on Monday when I reported to Office, still wondering how to pull this off. I thought of selling eats for breakfast but there were already many people doing this and I didn’t want to compete so I quickly dropped the idea.

As I sat wondering what to do, an expectant friend passed by, I quickly asked her what she would like me to do for her for a shilling. She was shocked at the question, not sure how to respond, she said anything; so I quickly proposed to be bringing her food for lunch every day at a cost of Ug 5,000 max depending on the type of sauce.

She didn’t hesitate, she instantly agreed to it. The following day I earned my first Ug 5,000.I did this for about a week and a half while looking out for more people that I could supply but because of Covid 19, there was lock down. This didn’t mean that I was done with the assignment. The other part of the assignment was to Give and Save daily. In such times the give part was going to be a little hard to do. Well, I already had a system in place where I set aside a given amount of money for giving on a monthly basis, once that money was done, then there was nothing left to give. Now the assignment was to give daily irrespective of my targeted amount set aside, well I was reminded that it is more blessed to give than to receive. I will borrow some phrases that my pastor recently used concerning giving that have made a great difference in the way I look at giving now:

When we choose to give we solve problems,

When we give, we cause others to give thanks to God,

When we give we cause advancement of ministry,

When we give we attract Intercession.

Imagine how instrumental your giving is! you are causing people to Know that there is a God out there that cares for them, and they thank him for sending you to solve that problem they thought no one would ever know or understand or come through for them; that aside, they lavish you with blessings and they go ahead to even pray for you and in most cases even everything in your house hold including the animals and birds, the whole clan just because of that simple act. Never Underestimate the Power of giving.

Recently, I, my husband and our son took an afternoon walk in the neighbourhood, we came across an old woman in her compound, she was washing her feet, I think she had been in her garden for most of the day. My husband, stopped and said why don’t we give this old lady some money? I said it was fine and he got out Ugx 5,000; we greeted the old lady and gave her the money.

The excitement, the joy is unexplainable. The old lady made statements that surely expressed her appreciation. One of the statements she made was that whether such people still exist, she thanked us so much and blessed us and our whole household. The following day, my sister was passing by the same route carrying the our son and the old lady saw the little one and quickly stopped my sister and said please thank those people who gave me money yesterday, tell them I managed to get some charcoal and some food to eat because of them.

The joy and peace that comes with such words only re assures us that surely it is more blessed to give than to receive.


On Friday while heading to Entebbe town in a taxi, a group of school children were standing by the road side waiting for a taxi.

Fortunately, the taxi I was in stopped and they got in. Amongst these children was this boy (let’s call him Ricky); he was making a lot of noise, like he wanted to hit the driver of the taxi. I wondered what had gotten into this boy. He kept saying the driver was reversing like he wanted to knock him down, and he went on and on swearing how he would have raffled the driver had he reversed the vehicle further toward his side.

Anyways, so Ricky and his friend (let’s call him Mark) went to the back seats and continued with their conversation.

I couldn’t help but hear Ricky talk about how he sneaks out of home to go to smoke joints with his friends. He went on to brag about how he does it like 4 times a day over the weekend and how it makes him so high and he liked it.

 I felt cold and my whole body filled with goose bumps when I heard him brag about this. In my judgement Ricky is about 16 years old.

From the little I heard him speak, he doesn’t live with his parents. He lives with his grandfather though in his conversations, you could tell he didn’t want his friend to know that so he kept on referring to him as his uncle.

So after a long while, the conversation switched to plans for that evening. The plan was to link up at 8pm to go hang around some bar. Part of the plan was for Ricky to call up Mark at about 7:30pm to find out whether the course was clear or not. In other words whether the parents were around or not.

I felt like going to these children’s homes and reporting them to their parents/guardians, but I couldn’t. For starters I didn’t know them or where they came from. I felt helpless as I jumped out of the taxi at the stage as they continued.

As the evening went on, I was still so disturbed by what I heard those children talk and I kept wondering how I would have helped.

I bet the parents/ guardians are out there working hard to get schools fees for these children to go to school. They trust them to take care of themselves maturely but this is what is happening without their knowledge.

What would you have done if you were in my shoes?

What advice would you give these children?

What advice would you extend to the parents?

Broken But Not Destroyed

His mother abandoned him while he was about two years old. Her excuse was that she was still too young to take care of a baby. His father at a very tender age, was hard on him because in his view boys had to be handled with an iron hand so that they grow up strong and could handle any kind of storm that came their way. Because of all this, John, grew up knowing his father did not like him.

 Seven years down the road, John’s father passed on.

At 9 years, John must have been confused about what it meant to be loved.

He was left with his Grandmother, uncle and aunties to look after him. He spent most of his time with the grandmother, who felt obliged to show John all the love she could give and to make sure he knew that he still had family.

The grandmother went out of her way to make sure John had everything any child with parents had. Even if it meant borrowing money to give him for whatever he asked for, Granny did it. In her mind she was making sure he doesn’t feel lost or abandoned or not loved. Little did she know that this was destroying him. Instead of appreciating the effort the old lady put in to make sure he was well, he started to exploit her. Whenever he wanted anything he threw tantrums and for fear of making him feel un loved, she provided no matter how she got the money.

 You see, John noticed that the granny went out of her way to provide, be the father and mother. So, he used that in his favor not to better himself but to fill the void he had within. It reached an extent that whenever he went to school and didn’t perform well, he would give excuses like the teachers don’t come to school and he would request to be changed to another school. He was moved to more than four schools in his village and there was no school fit for him.

John was eventually brought to live with his uncle in Kampala. It quickly became the uncles’ responsibility to take care of him. This included looking for a school for him. By this time, he was supposed to be in University but he was still in lower secondary.

On arrival to his Uncle’s place, John assumed position in his uncle’s house. He went on to assure the Uncle’s maid that he was the son of the home and everything that was his Uncles was his.

One holiday, while the uncle went out to work; John got his uncles’ shoes without permission and went out (to do what, no one knows). Later in the evening before the uncle came back home, he returned and put the shoes back on the rack, like they were there the whole day.

The maid reported this to her boss; John was asked and all he could say was sorry.

You would think that when one says Sorry, it is to say I won’t repeat the same mistake. But that was not the case with John.

Every morning, he woke up and prepared for himself breakfast before anyone else. He would then buy for himself accompaniments which he would eat all alone. When the rest of the family was having breakfast he still went ahead to take breakfast with them. In short he had breakfast twice, lunch and super he always served first and made sure he heaped his plate, whether there was enough left for the rest, was none of his business.

One day when John was reporting to school, he asked his uncle for new shoes. His Uncle at the time did not have money so he opted to give John his own shoes to use while he looked for money to buy for him. John said thank you but later on in the day, his uncle realized that the shoes he had given to John were still on the rack. He wondered what John was using while at school. When John got holidays, his uncle asked him why he left the shoes home. John’s response was ‘’I did not like them’’.

His Uncle sat him down and talked to him; and all that John would say is ‘Sorry’ and he was back at it again and again.

Was Johns’ emotional system tempered with from his childhood? Was he trying to get attention or fill a void?

If you were John’s guardian, how would you help this now 20 year old boy get his acts straight?

Morals in check

The bible instructs us in Proverbs 22:6; Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.
When growing up my parents thought it wise to make sure that my siblings and I attended Mass every Sunday in a Catholic church, whether it made sense to us or not. It was a must to go to church come Sunday. We spent a few minutes in Sunday school and spent most of the time playing. Even though that was happening, I guess at the back of their minds,they believed we were learning the foundational truths of The Kingdom of God.

However, To what extent are we parents living to this word?

Do we pay attention to what is being taught to our children as they attend church classes(Sunday school)?Or is it one of those things that at the back of your mind you just want the child to go get used to being in a church environment as you go ahead and attend the service in peace.

I recently witnessed a young man, who had been in a church youth group, helping out with Sunday school classes turn out for the worst. He lived a double life; what we saw in church was not what he was outside church.

This young man had one or two unsuspecting parents that he lied to every Sunday and got money off them. With this kind of mannerism, I wondered what our children were being taught in church, whether they were being attended to anyway because may be the focus was on how to corner the parents of these kids?
When this young man was confronted,the intention was to bring him back on track but he disappeared from church though his act didn’t stop. He kept in touch with some unsuspecting congregants giving all sorts of stories to de tooth them.

Who is to blame?
Is it the Family or is it every one of us? The Church is every one of us.! You are a teacher to that child; you are doctor to that child; you are the gardener, pastor, sister/brother name it;to that child and we have a role to play in that child’s upbringing in the different fields we operate.

Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Those days when we were growing up, there was a sense of community parenting. The older people would correct children if they were seen to be doing wrong. It was like we had our parents watching over us at every corner even when they were not around physically.There seemed to be no room for going astray;Of course children will always be children,very inquisitive doing all sorts of things. They rebuked and corrected us or reported us to our parents so that our parents corrected us appropriately(sometimes that meant spanking us with slippers, belts, mingling sticks whatever was closest to them at the time). Correction wasn’t left to the teachers at school.It began from home and the community. Am not sure what happened to that culture. It worked for most of us then and parenting styles are different.

How do we help? How do we get our hands-on deck?

I have seen some churches going out of their way to help these youth by mentoring and grooming them, the likes of Watoto church with the “Father’s Heart Ministries” where married men offer their time and resources to mentor youth.

Worship Harvest Ministries has what they call “GANG” also a program that helps re-direct youth or get them focused and be come more purposeful in life.

You can choose to become a mentor to someone today or you can watch from the side lines and hope everything will turn out well in schools, work places, churches etc.Remember there is always someone looking up to you whether you know it or not, they are listening to what you say and watching what you do, trash or treasure; we are all responsible for our actions and we have roles to play in the upbringing of these children.

What are you going to do to make your home, community, church, workplace etc be a better place?

Wuzi Balloon Creations

About a year and half ago when I was expecting my first born,I was told how I was going to have sleepless Nights and be very tired just taking care of the little one.Several people advised me to rest as much as I could as the baby slept during day because babies’ sleeping schedules were different from adults. – they slept during the day and were awake at night.

Well, during my maternity leave, I tried to follow through with the advice; resting during day and at night taking care of the little one. This was so new and frustrating but as days went by I slowly adjusted.There were days when it was hard for me to sleep during the day. One day when I failed to sleep, I found myself searching online for guidance on how to create a schedule for babies etc. I quickly got bored of reading what everyone had to say about babies and I told myself that God would see me through. He was with me every step of the pregnancy so there was no need to worry about how to train a child to adjust to this world.

I knew there were things that I would have to learn on job and there were those I would need to consult on but this particular afternoon was different; I visited several random sites as time went by. One of them was Pinterest. There were loads of things being advertised on that site.

I was so fascinated with the DIY art and crafts, particularly  lamp shades that were made from yarn(thread/’Wuzi’ and plastic cups). I got curious to know how these were being made and as I looked through the different adverts, I got so hooked. I knew I wanted to try to make one for myself.

I eventually got round to trying this out. I tried to follow instructions but it wasn’t as easy as it looked. I remember trying close to eight times all in vain. Nothing seemed to work, yet the videos made the process look so easy. Day one seemed like a waste but i didnt give up. After ten days, I managed to make my very first Yarn lampshade . I was so proud of myself and after two days  I was able to make my first plastic cup lampshade.

First Plastic cup lampshade
Yarn lampshades

The excitement of knowing I made such beautiful products just kicked sleep out of my schedule.Whenever the baby fell asleep I was up and about making these lampshades. The intention was to make one for all the rooms in the house. Whatever was ready I quickly hanged them in the different rooms. Home was my advertising space, so, friends that came to visit saw these and got interested. Slowly I began to get orders. This just encouraged me to learn more crafts; I went ahead and learnt how make rugs and door mats.

Some of the products i made for a client-3pc toilet set(door mat,toilet seat cover and mat)
Some of the Pompom door mats i made

From the confines of my sitting room birthed “Wuzi Ballon Creations”. This is now a registered business dealing in art, crafts and interior designs. I am teaching people how to make these crafts too. The hope is that they will use this skill, make products they can sell and earn a side income and better themselves.

A friend I taught recently shared with me a one of the mats they made,he used old clothes and a ‘kadeya’ to make a door mat.

This was his final product,door mat.

You may not be a hands on person but there is that one thing you think you can do well;don’t over think about it,Just start; JUST DO IT. Whatever it is try and fail but don’t fail to try, a mistake is another way of doing things.

Personal growth doesn’t just happen on its own, once your done with school, you must take complete ownership of your growth process, no one will do it for you,don’t under estimate yourself!Get Started!,

From Fene to Fame

From ‘Fene’ to Fame

Ivy started going to school at a very tender age and progressed well up to Senior Six level. She however could not join the university because her parents could not afford it! This left her very discouraged and depressed. Her reaction to the matter was quite the opposite though. She did not fold her hands and wait for a magical miracle to turn this around.

That evening as she took a stroll, lost in thought, she came across a lady selling “fene” (Jackfruit) at the roadside near one of the famous fuel stations in Entebbe. She suddenly had a thought that this could be an avenue to help raise money for tuition.

Having completed her A-levels, she wanted to be different from the lady selling this by the road side;she immediately started working on a plan. She approached the lady to find out more about her business; where she bought the fruit from and at what price.

This lady was so kind to share her business information. Ivy was surprised to learn that the “fene” cost only Ugx 3000 which she could afford and that she could get them at the farmer’s market in Nakiwogo which was close to her home.

Now all she needed was to look for market for her “fene” and she would be ready to start.

It is a common sight to find “fene” in supermarkets around Uganda but by then, this wasn’t the case and she did not think that they would be interested in selling such items. She dared and made a proposal to supply them with a few packs as a trial, with the hope of reaching an agreement if they managed to sell.

Long story short, she was given permission to supply fene for a week. That was the beginning of Ivy’s fene business. All she needed was three thousand Uganda shillings to purchase her Merchandise.

Ivy was in the market by 6:00am every morning buying her merchandise and this became the new normal for her during her vacation, while her mates looked to have fun. Her market expanded from one supermarket to 5 supermarkets. Now, this was not going to raise all the tuition that Ivy needed for university!

Ivy started helping a friend to sell flowers and on weekends, she occasionally helped her to decorate at  functions and that earned her some more money.

That still wasn’t enough!

One day as she walked home after delivering her products to the supermarket, she saw what seemed like a new tenant shifting into the house next door. It turned out that the new tenant was actually an NGO (a Non-Governmental Organization) moving in to establish their offices in this neighborhood.

This young lady was very inquisitive and curious to know what was happening next door. She decided to befriend the “askari” (security guard) who was guarding that place to find out more about that organization. To her disappointment the “askari” did not know what the organization did. However, he offered to let her know when the boss would be around so that she could speak to him directly. Two days after the talk with the askari, the opportunity arrived.

It turned out that the NGO was one that took care of children from needy families.

Fresh from Senior six with neither a CV nor work experience, she talked to this boss and volunteered to help with the children they were looking after for free.

The boss was so impressed with the zeal that this young lady had and just like that, she was offered a job, working three days a week for the start.

Ivy did not sit home waiting for a miracle for fees, she went out of her way to do something.

She worked three jobs to make money for tuition. These jobs looked odd and were all hands on. Imagine how tired she got every day she returned home.

Her hard work didn’t go in vain; the NGO offered to pay her tuition till she completed university. She used the money she earned from the “Fene” business and decoration gigs for her personal upkeep and paying tuition for her little sister from senior three to University.

Today She is a married young mother, a social worker  and director  of an upcoming music school and NGO in Entebbe.

Her story inspired me to get up and start something. I am following after Ivy and hope someone out there is going to do the same.

My story with “Wuzi Balloons” will be shared soon.

Keep logged in.

Judgement day

Before I joined Harvest Institute, the testimonies I had heard from people who had graduated from Harvest Institute made me vow never to join that course.
They talked about reading at least two books a month, writing and publishing a book and financing your trip for a summit In Kenya; their vocabulary was full of words like synopsis (Whaaaaat is that??????). All these things I had never done or even thought about.
I immediately became the judge, Jury and executioner and ruled in favour of not daring to take on this course.
Just listening to these people talk was giving me headache! I got goose bumps.
The impression I gathered from the comments was that you will be stretched beyond your limits. Of course, this meant getting out of your comfort zone.
So when I was invited to join Harvest Institute, not to disappoint the person who extended the invitation, I decided to give them my details to get me registered. As I did that, at the back of my mind I already knew that I wasn’t going to attempt it anyway. That case was closed.
Hosea 4:6 – My people Perish/are destroyed for lack of knowledge: …
Aren’t we all the same? I bet I wouldn’t be the only one feeling that way. Many times, our default response is to say no to anything we are not familiar with because we don’t know the outcome, but that is the quickest way to destruction.
However, the good news is that all we have to do is seek God for guidance.
The bible states clearly that we ought to be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.” Philippians 4:6.
What an awesome way to get started if you were stuck between a rock and a hard place.
All you have to do is obey the word, be positive and get started.
Long story short, Saturday 11th Jan 2020, I attended my first class at Harvest Institute and it turns out that my first class was very inspirational, reassuring and eye-opening.
All this while I was in the dark, judging others for what they were doing wrong, especially my leaders at work and church, reassuring myself that I can do better than them, etc.
I was always trying to remove the logs from my superiors when I actually couldn’t see.
Thanks to Harvest Institute, this perception has changed. Now I know that everyone is on a different level in life. Once you learn to better yourself, appreciate people for who they are, learn how to associate with teams/people, it teaches you to open up and not remain a loner.
If I can better myself, then it will be easy for me to influence the world around me positively.

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